Friday, July 25, 2008

Final Countdown/No Time!

This is my message from last night:

This is literally being published on my way out the door. The party was awesome, bye-bye everyone, and keep reading my blog!

Quick update: I'm in the Holiday Inn near the Bush airport in Houston. Free wifi is the best. Uneventful flight, hoping that the tax forms I just learned about go through, talking to a man who is telling me all the things I'm going to enjoy based on the Chinese. To his credit, his wife in Chinese and still lives in China, so he has some experience. Also, he keeps referring to me as African American. I haven't corrected him yet, because he's a stranger, but I think I'd almost prefer being asked what I am. NOT BLACK. Not any blacker than Barack Obama, at least. Zing! I can't check in for another 30 minutes, and I'm bored. The insurance salesman is upset about someone's doctor and prescriptions. Mayhap I will cradle him and sing him Kumbayah.

While in the airport a lady offered to carry my stuff for me, and when I declined her offer she walked behind me to make sure that nothing fell off. I'm pretty sure she thought I was much younger than my years.

For those of you with whom I shared my concerns about business attire: I was told twice that I look very professional. Success, green dress!

Happy Graduation, Barron Charles Patrick Ryan. You are now a responsible citizen.


  1. Hooray for responsible citizenship! And congratulations to you for now being in a foreign land.

  2. Heard you got there safely. GOOD!!! I feel like Grandma - I'm sending up petitions to God every two for your safety. hahahaha. Um, nice video, by the way. Very excellent visual representation of your life last week. I particularly liked the cartoon-like run across the screen. Ah, I laughed. OL.