Saturday, August 23, 2008

A two-fer for ye, ya lucky suckers!

Because it takes an hour to write everything down and only about 30 minutes to yammer at a screen and cut out the times when I trail into silence, I opted to yammer. Here yammereth I for eleven minutes, about the beaujazz I promised to talk about in the upcoming post. This is that post, so I talked. Also, I'm wiped. I'd hibernate if I hadn't committed to being social this weekend.

End notes:
  • By the way, the people listening to my presentation were so uninterested in my lesson plan that when I asked for advice, they asked me where I got my shoes.
  • Quick clarification: My pants were damp because I had washed them that morning and hung them up when I got home. I thought I would be in Kameoka for the night, but since I didn't know where I was I stuck with the large group. And gained some serious blackmail material. Success?
  • Quick change from damp pants to Wed. morning conference talk, I know. It has been a long week. The video got cut off a little, but all you miss is me complaining about how boring Day Two was.
  • When I'm at the BOE, I spend the whole day listening to people talk on the phone. That's how I got so skilled at the Japanese phone conversation. The person on the other end of the line, by the way, talks so fast that no one else could get a word in edgewise, so all in all there's no harm done.


  1. Highlarious stuff, my dear sister. I read faithfully (RSSed that sucker, know what I mean?) and your edits accentuated the funniness.

  2. Damp pants. You are not aloud to make me lol in the office! I'm in a cubicle for crying out loud. Do you realize you've talked about margaritas and other alcoholic beverages twice in one 4 minute video? Oh the shock of it all - I can just hear the tsks. Okay, time for the second video. My boss already caught me watching the first one.

  3. And when I say aloud, i mean allowed. Though, of course, that could be a clever play on the lol theme. But it wasn't.

  4. When people invite you to birthday parties, do they actually pump their arms up and down in front of their chests like jolly trolls? Cause that's just weird.

  5. I'm reading this in my office, which renders me unable to say "damp pants" over and over as you've made me want to. Thanks. Keep up the updates! I leave town for a weekend, and when I check again you have three new ones!

  6. Have you ever considered getting psychiatric treatment? Don't you know that it can be dangerous to be so funny?

    Sweet phone, cuz. Seems like they're always a step ahead of us when it comes to cellphone tech.

    Yep, luvs it! Keep 'em rolling!

  7. Love the videos!
    Sounds like you're having fun!
    Joan is in LA at Marisa's wedding.
    Everything here is great.
    Went to the BOK Center open house today. Nice lobby. Other than that it's a big gym!
    hugs and kisses