Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm back.

I make no promises as far as measuring up to the moves from Rev. Hammer's inspirational beats. Also, it was clear what the winning song was, so I figured the other songs could take a cue from the McCain campaign and bow out gracefully. Here's your song-elect, early. This is the first time that I've ever attempted the fine art of "locking," and watching clips of Don Campbell and whatever show it was that had the Soul Train only helped a little. I did do some research, so look out for the Sam Point, the Iron Horse, and the Scooby Walk, and a whole bunch of moves that I just made up. I even threw a hurkey in there for old time's sake.

I do have a favorite move. It's called, "Spasm and Run." Tell me if you figure out what it is.


  1. NO idea what the Spasm and Run is, but nice inclusion of the Russian squatty-jump move. Well played. I also appreciate the wind-up toy, and the elephant trunk. Classic.

  2. I had no clue what those moves were until Gillian named them, but I thought I saw the Spasm and Run. Was it near the wall?

  3. I was wondering if we were going to see the conclusion of the James Brown splits! Hey, congrats for not splitting a hamstring on that one!
    I, for one, would appreciate a dance tutorial in the future. You have some sa-WEET moves!

    (FYI: This is Kay Whitson's daughter again...just in case you think I'm a crazed psycho. I'm not. I'm perfectly normal psycho.)

  4. So I just quietly laughed all the way through the video AGAIN. I must laugh quietly as uproarious laughter would disrupt the delicate balance in my cubicle-ridden office. You should be an iPod dancer. Also, everything you do when you're in the purple hat and tan sweater/jacket is gold to me. EVERYTHING!

  5. Laurel, THIS WAS AMAZING!! I laughed so hard in some parts! Oh, how I miss your crazy dancing ways!! I'm going to come back to your blog and catch up on you, it all seems so interesting! I do have a request though... if you continue this vid, you need to make up "the crockpot". :) Hope you had a great holiday home and more awesome adventures in Japan!!