Saturday, June 21, 2008


The following is how I felt to learn that a second person had added me as a favorite on Etsy (the first person was my alt, the buyer version of Laurel). Don't know the lady (she hasn't bought anything), but she's completely random and likes my stuff.

Almost as exciting as my first (and thus far, my only) sale. For the record, this is also how the toddlers react whenever we tell them to get their shoes on, line up at the door, or give any indication that we are going to the playground. Having someone like me, well, that is the playground of my heart.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! Well done, my excitable friend. Well done. That's the feeling I get when I realize it's the weekend and I get to watch tv in my jammies.

  2. Oh bountiful laughter! I joys my heart to see this video of you on my computer screen.

  3. I posted your jewelry site on my facebook status a week ago and one of my friends from grad school found stuff she liked. I think you might be getting another buyer soon.