Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Small Businesswoman

I'm officially a fledgling entrepreneur. I sold my toad tank. I sold a handmade jewelry off my neck. I sold a loach. I got a new laptop (Shazzam!) and I made my own business cards.

"What means this?" asketh you.

It meanseth that I have a boost in my self-confidence (not much needed, but nice to have), a portable means of communication for Japan, and peace of mind when it comes to the care of my amphibians.

Toad Tank:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Ordeal of the Fire Bellied Toads, it's one of the reasons that I moved out of my parents' house. No joke. I can (mostly) laugh now, but in January it was mostly blood, sweat, and tears. Cryptic much? Well, you never know when my parents are going to read this. Plus, I still love them more than I loved having toads. However, I can say that nobody else I know did such a rootin tootin good job on landscaping in 20 gallons.

The downside of having a giant tank when moving abroad, well, I was worried that no one else was as weird as I am. Who searches Craigslist for "20 gal high Fire bellied Toad Habitat?" Maybe no one, but it helped to renew it every so often, so that someone who needed a home for one toad saw it. That one toad is going to be in heaven, or victim to my amorous two. I'll never know.

The Jewelry:

If you have access to Facebook and are friends with my brother, look at the necklace I'm wearing at his junior recital. It's fabulous, of course, but I thought it was one of those things that only I would ever wear. Au contraire! I was at a wedding reception, and a woman at my table (FUMC member extraordinaire and fabulous person) complimented me on my necklace. She couldn't believe I made it, and offered to buy it right then and there. Of course it would be the one whose price I don't know. She gave me her number and I tallied everything up, quoted her a price, and we made the exchange at Starbucks this morning. I feel all good on the inside, and smiley…

End result: I'm making more in that style, which I named Orbital. I officially have an original design, called Orbital, and heck yeah I'll be putting some up on Petunkalunka. The design, Orbital, is really labor intensive, though, so it might take a while. Anywho, I'm super excited about it.

The Laptop:

After selling the toad tank and realizing that I did not need an iPod touch, I looked at my bank account. I've been saving up for a new computer to take with me to Japan, and after saying, "No, touch screen. You are not worth my money if I already have an iPod," guess who could totally afford the laptop?

You guessed it. This guy.

This guy got all excited while talking to her sister (during which the realization was made), grabbed her purse, and ran out the door to hit the Apple Store before it closed. Thank the Lord she still had her school ID and was a late graduate. Huzzah for the student discount!

Macbook, baby! I loved the Mini (which needs to be sold to a loving home. Gotta save up those yen!), but I love being able to throw, a.k.a. gingerly place my computer in my bag and have it whenever I need it. The weird thing that it/I did when transferring all my data was somehow copy nearly all of my music twice. I'm having to go through all of the duplicates and delete one of each. I'm through L songs, so at least I'm halfway through. I also have to recreate my playlists, which I kind of needed to reorganize in the first place. Why the heck did I ever had something called "Music for Cowboys?" I don't listen to country music.

I'll finally join the ranks of coffee-drinking typists who always look so busy and studious. I, however, will probably just be checking Etsy every five minutes to see how many people have looked at my stuff. Every time the count goes up I do an inner happy dance.

The laptop also gives me a reason to sit in bed and not sleep, which is why I'm still up, even though I work ear-li in the morning. This drunken sailor is out.

P.S. The business cards are pretty ugly, and most of them are a crooked shape, but they get the job done. Ask me and I'll send you one, because I had to buy a whole stupid ream of cardstock to make a few cards. I'll never, ever, ever run out of them.


  1. Yay! More posts! Wait, should I not be reading posts when I'm supposed to be working? Blerg!

  2. Send me more bizness juice, please! That means, please send me one of your business cards.