Sunday, February 15, 2009

Economic Commentary

I spent the morning reading news about the economic status of my motherland, and was unsurprised to see that it's going to throw us into further national debt. But what does this mean for the average Joe? Anyone else find it interesting that now that the Democratic party is back in power, government services will actually decrease?

Let me explain. As a nation we are already in debt; one article I read said that it is currently at about $36,000 worth for every man, woman, child, and shemale. This economic stimulus package will put us further into debt. The interest payments alone will be at least $500,000,000,000 (which still ranks the national debt fourth in federal expenditures, after Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and defense). Conclusive evidence is that this will affect us directly in the long run. I my children, and my children's children will likely be paying higher taxes not to provide for further services for those in need, but to pay back countries like China and Saudi Arabia who lent us the money to keep ourselves afloat. At some point our national debt has to decrease, which means that the money we pay to the government will be sent outward. That, or we rest in the palms of other countries.

It's true that the current funding is mostly for projects that would (eventually) benefit the majority of struggling Americans. However, at some point the money that we didn't have in the first place has to be paid back with interest. And I know all about paying back with interest. It's why I'll have to start paying $50 extra each time I chip away at my college loans, just so that I'm not paying more in interest than I am to the actual debt. So what happens to America?

Mind you, I'm no economist. I repeat what I read. Like a literate parrot.


  1. Scary, right? That's why I'm investing in gold bars. I'm just going to carry around a sack of gold bars...okay, wheel around a sack of gold bars, and start paying all things with that. A chip for you, a flake for you. Oh, this is expensive? Okay, I give you a fourth a bar. Bam. Roasted.

  2. Knowing truth like this makes me want to go to sleep and pretend I didn't hear it. I think that's what every other American is doing, right? Pretending they don't know how wrong our spending is.