Thursday, February 26, 2009

For Posterity's Sake

I made this video last Thusday night, which means of course more has happened since. However, right now it's 7:36 and I still haven't crawled off my futon to shower and the bus leaves at 8:06. The old update will have to do.

And because none of us can get enough of me talking…

What's that? More, you ask for which of that?

And that is all. It took me about eight years to load, which is why you don't get much of it.

Matta ne!


  1. Of course you're awesome! You're just hearing now what they've already been saying. And...Miss Ryan can dress better than Godzilla. What lovely pink pants!

  2. I'm am more than pleased that you start classes out singing The Backstreet Boys. Way to keep them relevant. Story of my life. And it's only the second best thing ever that you are known as Ms. Ryan the-teacher-who-dances-like-a-drunken-sailor-aboard-the-USS-CrazyPants. I am upeful today. I am upeful your Thursday will be divine.