Sunday, March 15, 2009


The following is a list of things upon which I have been working:

Organizing my apartment
Getting rid of the giant table and replacing it with a smaller desk
A rabbit cage
Learn to live without an iPod
A garden on my back porch
Better organization of back porch
"Love Love" music video (watch for it on YouTube later in the week. Liz is working on it)
  • "Chapstick"
  • "Love Food"
  • "Ode to ICS" Oh, yes, my friends. The Ice Cream Sandwich Song will rise again.
  • A generic piano-driven pop song
Making jewelry to update my Etsy page
A YouTube account for RBC Inc. that looks awesome
Reorganizing my supplies for school
Piano, piano, piano

And that's what's up these days.

Here's more of what I do in my free time:

Read poetry to myself. With utmost sincerity, of course.

Dance to the dulcet tones of Reel 2 Real featuring The Mad Stuntman in my kitchen 
(to keep warm)

In the words of Janet Jackson, it's all for you.


  1. Wow. Ummm...great poetry READING. I'm reserving my opinion on the poetry itself.
    The dancing, however, was stellar. As always! As was the editing!

  2. Nice music that was playing during your poetry reading. It soothed my mind as the words soothed my soul.

  3. I'm crying a tear from my EYES right this very moment because that reading was so beautiful. Your interpretation was exquisite.

  4. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm dying over here! You did NOT just throw in a sweet Denise Austen thigh press to demonstrate pysically fit! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

  5. Seriously, the Denise stuff is pure gold. And the Tae-Bo, of course. This video just made my life. Also, sweet hood move at the end. Have you heard the version from Madagascar 2? Sweet bass line throughout.

  6. okay, I have at least one more thing to say. I noticed a little Stricly-Ballroom-goofy-dad dance in there. Classic.

  7. You add so much depth to Geter's poems when you read them. ;) Awesome dance video! When I come, we are so having a dance party! Oh, I second what Gillian said in her second comment. Hoorey for the thigh press! Richard Simmons does that one too.