Sunday, March 29, 2009

RBC, Inc. It's a big deal.

The junior member of RBC, Inc has created a MySpace page for the "company." On it thus far are the "Love Love" song (though not the video, yet) and Sobriquet's fantastic like-or-perhaps-just-strong-interest-at-first-sight ballad "Tupperware House." As far as poetry goes, this music is peerless, and we all know how much I like good poetry. So please visit

and listen to the music gems offered up for your enjoyment.

Let's be enjoying the music of fledgling non-company RBC, Inc.


  1. "Tupperware House" is an awesome song! Great repertoire and site.

  2. I'm loving the face drawings, LJ. Keep 'em coming. It's a perfect image for RBC. Hollah!

  3. You created a link to our myspace page, well done. You misspelled our name, not well done. Bam. Roasted.