Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mad Props, Cousin

I couldn't legally watch the 4/27/09 episode of The Colbert Report with the Decemberists, so I downloaded it from iTunes.

Shara Worden, I am so proud of you!

I've watched that part at least four or five times today, not counting the every-time-I-should-be-doing-something-productive from yesterday. Then I showed it to Margaret when she came over for lunch yesterday. It went something like this:

Margaret: Wow, that's your cousin?

Me: Yep.

Margaret: She's really good.

Me: Oh, wait for it.

Margaret: Wow, she's really good.

Me: Yep.

Margaret, sounding surprised by herself: I'm really impressed.

Me: Yep.

I mean, I don't know what these people thought when I told them that my cousin is an amazing  songstress. They give props to my brother and father; is a cousin too distant of a relative for me to be telling the truth? Maybe they've been jaded by American Idol. When I say something like, "Hey, I have a song you might like," and after being asked how I know Indie rock kind of bands admit that I am related to a sparkly gem, I don't mean that it's familial responsibility that makes me bring the topic up. I mean that I have a cousin who is not only one of the world's best people ever, but who sings like it's her job. And it is her job. And she's good at it.

Shara, my hat is off, my roof is raised, and I have nothing but highest accolades. WooooHOOO!


  1. Agreed! She rocked like it was her job. I'm gonna say that as proud as peacocks can get, I'm way prouder.

  2. I think that's great! Maybe American Idol has convinced us all that nothing is impressive. But as a person of a family where not ONE of us can carry a tune, my hat is off to your far-more-musical folk. Well done, Ryans (and affiliates). Well done.