Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Bee Week

Whoo, doggies, ladies and gents. It has been hectic round these here parts. Rundown since I last posted:

  • Tuesday: Last day of teaching; teacher kidnaps me before I catch my train to give me a yukata (light, summer kimono). That night is Dara’s birthday dinner and karaoke. Enter Journey songs sung in gravelly Broadway/jazz voice. A friend comes to stay with me while trying to pass the driver’s test.
  • Wednesday: Liz’s last night at calligraphy (see above), houseguest
  • Thursday: Wrist flares up and chose to stay home from aikido. Paint chairs, make lunch for Friday, clean shower. Use found door to make a shelf in the kitchen (see below). Houseguest
  • Friday: Run to grocery and then home to buy the rabbit some food. Feed rabbit, eat lunch, race back to work. After work rush home, let rabbit out, change clothes, hang up laundry, race out the door to Kyoto for a farewell dinner. Catch last train home and meet up with houseguest.
  • Saturday: Clean during the morning. Go to play a taiko performance at 1, come home and pass out while scratching Kuma's forehead. Go to Liz's farewell party from taiko people. Make makizushi (the sushi with the seaweed wrap). Gain new respect for history when lady of the house/restaurant we visited pulled out items that had been in her family for hundreds of years. Laugh and stuff my face until I can stuff no more, pause, laugh, and then stuff my face again.
  • Sunday: Skyping with the family (minus Dad). Chatty, laughy, advicey, good timey. Make lunch and clean. Head to train station, meet Dara to head to church. Church. Dash out as soon as service ends, miss train even though we trot almost the whole way. Hit up Starbucks for tomorrow's coffee. Go home. Make Mac and Cheese. All the Kameoka Jets + Dara chez moi to see Liz's work on our short film project (more details on that in a later post) and a muay thai action movie, Chocolate. Go to bed.
  • Today: Make a layout for a newsletter, make videos for future posts. Go to the store after work to get an obi (fancy belt) for my yukata. Taiko is a beast. Post this beaujazz like a boss.
  • Tuesday: Return to that kidnapper teacher’s house and have dinner, play her piano, and learn how to tie the obi on the yukata.
  • Wednesday: Calligraphy
  • Thursday: Aikido
  • Friday: Taiko performance
  • Saturday: DAY OFF, SUCKERS! I will not answer my phone or door, and will sit around in pajamas all day and scratch my mosquito bites. How did I get six mosquito bites under my shirt last night? They're in my armpits, to boot.


And AFTER. YEAH. Get you some.

Also, I did plant the basil, I gave Kuma a new litter box, and so the only thing on my DIY list that I didn't do is clean out the fridge. I kind of feel like there should be food in it for me to do that.

Next up on the DIY list:
  • Finish painting chairs (one is pretty much done, but I did not do a great job)
  • Paint kotatsu
  • Reorganize closet
Those are pretty big tasks, so I'll make that it for the week. I'm going for the minimum amount of disappointment per week.

Question: There is a big empty space on the wall shown in the kitchen. Does it need something there?


  1. Yes, wall art. Good work. Busy, you are. Bye bye.

  2. Looks great! Yes, put some calligraphy there.