Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DIY Update 2


· Turn upper kitchen cabinets into seasonal/tool/rarely-used-item storage. Done and done

· Clean out fridge. Still a big fat no.

Genkan (entryway)

· Find alternative to coat tree (no room) and coat hooks (concrete walls). I got a bigger and sturdier curtain rod. I got bigger hooks. I’m awesome.


· Find a litter box solution that I like (poor Kuma, all these transitions). No time yesterday. No time!

· Fold my stupid clothes. Success.

· Vacuum, because Kuma is effectively destroying that old phone book into tiny bits. Done again.

Living Room/GeneralPaint kotatsu top and chairs (sanded and primed on Thursday)

· Plant basil cutting. Those roots are ridiculong. Still nope.

· Put most of that little junk in those cute containers I bought in March for that purpose. Yep

· Recycle plastic bottles I've had since coming here. I will be eco-friendly! Done. And I recycled my cans and glass bottles.

It rained on Sunday afternoon. As I stood with my finger on the “Open” button on the train and watched the doors shut right as Dara arrived, it began to rain. By the time I reached Kyoto it was raining so hard that people had stopped walking on the sidewalks. They stood huddled in the station, waiting for the torrents to weaken before dashing to wherever they needed to go. I, determined to get to church, marched to Starbucks (1/4th of the way to church) to grab a snack and wait for Dara. I gave up stepping over puddles when they were too wide to be traversed. My shoes and socks were soaked, my shorts were wet, and my shirt was wet. I had an umbrella, but because of the wind power it only protected my head and shoulders.

When Dara showed up she was soaked as well. We were now 20 minutes late for an hour-long service, the rain showed no signs of letting up, and we were wet. After a brief debate on how long it would take to get to the church we opted to attend Church of the Train by the Tracks.

Liz Brent was having a going-away party for herself and some of the other Kyoto ALTs. Dara and I hurried over to grab a bento from the grocery and then to my apartment. After toweling off, grabbing my camera and changing into galoshes (an awesome fashion statement with shorts) we waded through Kameoka to Liz’s place. Good times had by all, blah blah blah, and I got home at 2 a.m. Long day.

Thank you, Lord, for long weekends. Monday morning I woke up and went to meet the party people at a park. They had grabbed Mickey D’s and donuts, so I watched them eat and then we said our goodbyes. So long, people. Hope we see each other again at some point. Good luck back in the states.

Then I went home and discovered what the spates of rain had done to my paint projects.

Revenge on the weather! It ruined two days of hard work. Plus, it’s supposed to rain every day for the next week. I’ve debated laying out a tarp in my living room so that I can paint part of the piece outside, bring it in to dry, and then taking it back outside for another coat. Given the current state of my living room [picture] this could be difficult. I am planning on taking that table apart and offering it to the new ALTs or giving it to the thrift store. That monstrosity will invade my space no longer. The piano will move to the bedroom. The cow will jump over the moon. Big plans, folks, big plans.

Monday afternoon the most benevolent Lady Dara came to my apartment to help me organize. This woman is the heart of selflessness. I can only think of two other people who would help me clean and tidy my apartment without complaining or belittling me for the mess (holla to Hannah T and Aunt Joan!). I had half-joked about hiring her to help me organize, promising to pay her with food. Dara had nothing to do and offered to help me right then. I was in awe.

Dara got right to work. I tried to do laundry, broke the jar that held my detergent, folded the clothes from all over my house, and pulled tools and junk from the shelves in my room. In the meantime Dara vacuumed all of my floors, Swiffered, did dishes, and completely reorganized my shelves. Amazing. I promised her dinner on Tuesday night, which isn’t really anything because it’s her birthday. No one should have to buy their own dinner on their birthday.

Safe to say that Dara is the nicest person in the history of nice. I will buy her many a dinner since I got paid today.

Though I planned on making the day all about reorganizing and cleaning, when Margaret came down to visit we came to a bit of a halt. It was time for a break, some ice cream bars (again, courtesy of Dara) and a little chatting. Then I put all of my tools, gardening supplies and the things I use to heat my body during winter into the cabinets. It felt good, ladies and gents. It felt good.

Aside from completing the above list I plan on finishing the following during the coming week:

Collect materials to make myself a desk. I’m crafty.

Give the genkan some curb appeal

It’s going to be a busy week, so I won’t set too many goals. Thanks to farewell parties and classes I won’t have a free night until next Monday night. Ultimate goal: keep the kitchen as clean as Dara left it. Thank you, Dara, for inspiring me through your service.

Why is it, by the way, that fluorescent lighting + rainy days = massive headaches?

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  1. Dara must be an angel. That kitchen is spotless. "The cow will jump over the moon." hahaha, well said. Well placed. I cleaned up and semi-reorganized the office kitchen on Friday afternoon. Solidarity!