Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Fellow Laundromat Patron

Thank you for helping me purge my wardrobe. In true Japanese fashion you anticipated my wants and needs without a word from me. You're right, I didn't need a lot of the clothes that were in the dryer, though I appreciate that you allowed me my favorite t-shirt. I hope the orphanage to which you will no doubt send the garments you appropriated appreciates your selflessness.

Now that my clothes collection fits comfortably in the storage which I have alloted to such items, I do make the following humble request: Next time you are in need of the dryer and my laundry is in the way, please toss my clothes into the pink basket which I always place in front of the machine. Though I feel the size, color, and position in which I leave the basket make it difficult to overlook, you did manage to miss it when you helped me get rid of my clothes. Well, except for the socks.

In summary, thank you, good citizen, and please keep your mitts off my clothes in the future.



1 comment:

  1. So if this type of theft is a problem, should I be leaving my clothes at home? Seriously, though, sorry about your loss!