Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hannah's in Town!

Though I have little time to write and less to sleep and eat, I am having a wonderful time hanging out with Hannah and pretending that I know stuff about Japan. We've had but one day of rest since Sunday and are gearing up for a full next couple of days.

We went to Hiroshima on Saturday night, then to Miyajima the next day. On the island we rode a cable car to the top of Mount Misen, then hiked back down. We followed advice for the "scenic" route down from a local. Turns out "scenic" means "forever long," so we broke up the back-breaking peregrination with some pirate antics. Then I spliced them all together for a quick video. Enjoy. More to follow in the coming week.

The Origins of War: The Tale of Mt. Misen
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  1. Which Jack Handy quote? I forget. I miss Jack Handey. Goodbye.

  2. Fun pirate antics in a very exotic, swashbuckling setting! I can't believe I haven't checked your blog earlier!