Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hannah Comes to Town part 4


First, I would like to remind you that this is still a rough budget for you, for when you visit me.

0 yen for lying around, jelly beans and back massages. Hannah and I took it easy for most of the morning, basically eating nothing and watching a whole bunch of TV and movies on the web. As Hannah mentioned in one of her comments, we didn’t really leave our pajama’d state until about 4 o’clock p.m. It was also a great day for another reason: I sold a pair of earrings on Etsy! Woohoo!

Hannah and I made a trip to Seiyu for it’s 100 yen goodness (and packing supplies) and for baking goods. We planned for cookies. Many, many chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t get around to making those cookies because we were hungry and Hannah needed to try sushi, preferably of the converyor belt variety. I contacted Matt (the guy who watched my rabbit), Nanami (my friend from calligraphy), Dara and the other Kameoka ALTs to get together for dinner. Dara was still at work, Paulette, Margaret and Kim were out of town, but we still ended up with a rather large party. Nanami and Matt drove me, Hannah, the other Turtle Hill ALTs (Phil, Paul and David) and two visiting JETs up to Sushiro, a kaitenzushi chain restaurant.

Sushi can range from mind-blowingly cheap to heart-stoppingly expensive. Sushiro is on the cheap end of that scale. Most dishes cost 100 yen, and most people pay only 500 or 600 odd yen for a meal. I spent 840 yen because I love sushi and conveyor belts that bring piece chocolate cake past my table.

During our dinner I told Nanami that Hannah wanted to try umeshu before she left. Nanami’s family makes, but doesn’t drink, their own umeshu, and the benevolent soul offered to bring some over after dinner. We spread the word, I updated Dara, and it became official. Umeshu party at my place until the cows came home. With a quick stop to buy ice we sped home. Nanami dropped us off at my door and went home to get her umeshu. Good thing she lives three minute’s walk away (maybe less).

The evening concluded with good plum booze and better company. It was, altogether, an awesome day.

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