Friday, May 20, 2011

On The Menu

This weekend is for:

  • Spring Cleaning (yeah, I'm just now getting started, and I took a week off already)
  • Working on the Ganbatte Times, because there's still an article about taxes on our homepage
  • Gardening. The only plant I've kept alive for the last two and a half years has finally blossomed, which makes me think that maybe my thumb is greener than I first thought.
  • Adding titles and captions to my photos in iPhoto (which will help me get that big Vietnam post together. No falling down on the job like with posting about Trinidad)
  • Studying. The JLPT is on July 3rd, and despite plans and lists and good intentions, I've only cracked the books open once. Yipes.
My internet is currently down, because sometimes my modem just decides it doesn't want to work for a month or so. Instead of scrambling to get it fixed, I figure that this is a way for God to tell me to quit spending so much time watching action movies and clips of Whose Line Is It Anyway online. I'm going to use this minimal-web-access interim to knock things off of my To Do list and enjoy being in my apartment again. See ya, kids.

P.S. Below are some photos. Enjoy.

One of the best Bananagrams sessions I've had, despite losing to Sarah RT

My only photo of cherry blossoms from April

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