Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taiwan Part 1

View from hotel come morn 2View from Hotel come mornPurseHotel B SignView From Hotel B 3View from Hotel B1
Hotel B Fashion shoot 8Hotel B Fashion shoot 7Hotel B Fashion shoot 6Hotel B Fashion shoot 5Hotel B Fashion shoot 4Hotel B Fashion shoot 3
Hotel B Fashion shoot 1Hotel B Floor 11 lobbyTaipei Zoo Injured HippoTaipei Zoo Pygmy HippoTaipei Zoo Lemurs 3Taipei Zoo Lemurs 2
Taipei Zoo Lemurs 1Taipei Zoo Turtle StatueTaipei Zoo KoalaTaipei Zoo Bear SculpturePanda and KimPanda and Me

I'm working on a big Vietnam post, so for now please enjoy the photographic evidence of my short vacation in Taiwan, right after my long vacation in America.

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