Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Animal Therapy and Impressive Organization

Notice: Kuma only plays with this toy under close supervision. Or close enough supervision. Now that I've captured this on video I'm much faster to pull the bag off his head. Of course, more recently he tries get even farther into the bag. He'll get his head stuck, run into a wall, then try to brace the bag against the wall so he can get the pellets way in the back. Getting unstuck is a secondary instinct to getting food. He also figured out that the fridge often means vegetables. Yesterday he tried to climb into the fridge, he got so excited.

Those ripped up pieces of paper are from an old phone book that became one of his toys. It took him a while to figure out what he could do with that paper. Then the massacre began.

Since I've been forcing pictures of and information about my sad apartment on you, I figured I'd show you a little positive inspiration. Laura Cattano is a professional organizer with a good sense for modern design. She has two house tours on Apartment Therapy, one of her 450 sq ft apartment and another of a recent relocation to a 250 sq ft temporary residence while she looks for another apartment. Mind you, she's only been living in the second place for 5 months. I am both inspired and ashamed. It's a complicated feeling.

Mom, some people really do put everything away and hang their clothes up. There are real adults in this world. Someday I may join the ranks. Maybe.

Hint, ye technologically impaired: Click on the green text to go to the links. Really, everyone should see this woman's skills.


  1. Oh dear, that video is sad and high-larious! Poor Kuma.

  2. Same thing happened to me when I tried to get the last few crumbs out of the cereal box.

  3. No wonder you love Apartment Therapy! Both apartments were amazing! I wish she'd do my house. The video of Kuma was hilarious! (Though I was slightly ashamed for laughing so hard.) Poor dear.

  4. laurel, i'm happy to supply you with a little inspiration while you tackle your space. not sure if you knew i also have a blog:

    as for the bunny, i was hoping to see you give him the grape :)