Saturday, August 22, 2009

Artsy Fartsy Sycamore Street Press

I've been looking for some art to put up in my home for a while. I didn't want anything too cutesy or too serious. I certainly didn't want to break the bank on something that would be large and expensive to ship. I also have very little artistic talent, so I can't be like those people who hang up their own paintings. Thanks to previous comments I did hang up a couple of plastic protector sheets so I can rotate my most recent kanji from shuji class.

The one in the center is my favorite. It says "One day, one thousand autumns." That's the leave-everything-out-but-the-most-important-part Japanese way of saying that for lovers, one day apart is like a thousand autumns alone. Still.

Today was a day of destiny. Today I ran across Sycamore Street Press, a letterpress company based in Utah. They offer snarky-yet-touching cards, calendars, posters, and each month they offer a new limited addition print.

I bought two! The first is this print by artist Katie Kortman, a high school art teacher. Man, her students would have a completely new respect for her if they knew her art was the March '09 limited edition print. Especially if they knew that someone as cool as me bought it. Then they would examine the grammar that I used in the sentence and realize that I write in fragments.

The second is this beautiful creation by artist Meredith Prévot. Says she about this painting: "This drawing is based on sketches of Rococo architectural details I made while visiting Paris earlier this year. I enjoy recontextualizing old forms and giving them new life within my paintings, drawings, and prints.

I'm always up for a good Paris inspiration. I quite enjoyed the city, myself.

Safe to say that I feel quite grown up now. I invested in art. Many happy returns to me.


  1. Many happy returns, indeed! I like your prints. I like the green phone. I like your calligraphy. One day, one thousand autumns? It's poetic and profound. Booyah.

  2. I was just checking out your Etsy bio and saw that you need to update your blog address. I read your feedback from your buyers - congrats. Also, I'm happy to be the start of your jewelry making history :). Well, the paid part, anyway.