Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Animal Therapy

This is just a little video I've had lying around for a couple of months. Rabbits express extreme happiness through "binkies." A binky is a head flick/hop combo that is often followed by a short sprint. This video documents the first time baby Kuma got really happy. I like to think it's because if the awesome obstacle course I set up.

For you:
I'm sorry for talking a little bit in the last part.

Also, don't let me forget to tell you all (all five of you who read this) about getting in trouble at work.


  1. Hey, at least you didn't call yourself "mommy" or something. "Can Kuma do a binkie for Mommy? Can Kuuuuummmmmaaaa do a binkie for mommmmeeeeeee???"

  2. He's soooo cute! Gillian, you make me laugh. (Partly because I do call myself mom when talking to George.)And, Laurel, considering the amount of excitement your readers get from seeing you've posted, perhaps you should multiply how much each reader counts for. I think I should count for at least 10.