Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Big Boy Bunny

I left Kuma in the bedroom today outside of his open cage. It was an experiment to see whether he was sufficiently litter trained enough to not act like a rabbit and mark his territory. Suffice to say that I reentered my home this afternoon with due trepidation. I anticipated having to clean up a whole mess of rabbit mess.

Instead I was greeted by an excited ball of fur who had done no more harm than push his toy (this thing) behind a suitcase. Oh, Happy Day! I rewarded him by allowing him to eat some of the dying Bolivian Rainbow Pepper. Also, Kuma rewarded himself by eating some of the pepper plant that was doing perfectly well. Oops.

Lately the temperature has risen quite a bit, and Kuma has taken to lying down on the floor when I let him out in the afternoon.

Poor guy. He looks like a rabbit pancake.

We have also taken two walks. Walk=me trick Kuma into wearing a harness, carrying him to an empty, overgrown lot, and holding on to the shoestring I use as a leash while he hops around and eats plants. I've gotten some weird looks for that one. One lady stopped and said in Japanese, "Oh, how cute!"

"Thank you," I replied politely, bowing.

"How old?" she asked. "Is it a baby?"

"Yes," I replied. "Yon gatsu…sai."

The lady nodded and continued down the street.

Later I asked a friend how to say "four months old," and he replied, "yon ka gatsu."

So, when I think about what I said, it would translate like this: Yes. Four month years old.

Argh, Japanese counters. I hate them.

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  1. He looks like an angel rabbit with that sunny glow around him. So regal, so prestigious. King Kuma.