Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday is for Church and Breakdancing

On Sunday I saw this at a sports bar called Freeball. A friend had told me about this awesome break dancing competition and I dragged Margaret and Dara along to watch with me. I got too excited to take video of the really intense stuff, but this should give you a little taste.

First this.

Then the world champion Diabolo juggler (who can also breakdance). Take note, boys. This is how juggling makes you cool to the ladies.

Then Dara and I went to church.

Edit: The last, longer video finally decided to jump from my camera to the computer. This is almost an entire battle towards the finals. Sorry to say that I didn't get the really exciting parts of the juggle guy or the dancing, but I was too involved to film.


  1. Oh, oh, oh, ooooh, oh, oh, oh! I think the first break dancer forgot to bring his pommel horse. Also, the juggling guy is mad cool.

  2. Um, the juggler likes Pirates of the Caribbean? Do you have his number, please, cause I'd like to buy him a steak dinner.