Friday, August 14, 2009

In Trouble

I'm currently making my own wallpaper and have nothing witty to say. Let's be enjoying three videos of me talking and talking and talking and talking. 15 minutes' worth of video may be too much to handle in one go. If so, feel free to make the videos keep secret while you take a coffee or potty break.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I got inspired at work today, and then went shopping at the thrift store, so I'll post my before and during pictures next time. My kitchen just got a whole lot classier.


  1. Why can't you get rid of the stuff that's in your apartment and start over? And yes you can apholster furniture! How do you spell that verb? Weird. If you want to keep me awake at work...wait, you can't. No one can.

  2. This is a weird place to answer your question, but a lot of the current furniture and such belongs to the BOE. The rug, the couch, the television, the bookcase, the appliances, the heated carpet, and the unheated carpet that doesn't fit the bedroom all belong to my employer. The kotatsu was purchased by a former JET who loved the thing so much she tried to ship it home when she left. Obviously it was too expensive.

    The table doesn't have a BOE sticker on it, so I'm getting it out of here. Booyah.